[Achieving AI ROI] Quantifying AI Risk - with Head of AI Insurance at Munich Re, Michael Berger

03.15.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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This is the second episode of our five-part series on achieving ROI, with early AI projects taking place this week. This series brings together great perspectives from various leaders around advice that can help us bypass typical mishaps to achieve AI ROI. Today’s guest is Michael Berger, Head of Insure AI at Munich Re. Munich Re is a $60B insurance giant heavily invested in cyber insurance and AI insurance. This episode focuses on risk and, more specifically, what kinds of questions we can ask upfront to screen for risk. Michael also provides advice for enterprise leaders in various industries to make smarter decisions regarding risk. During this special series week, we are giving away some of our AI ROI reports here at Emerj. Be sure to tune in until the end of this episode to learn more about these offers for our listeners and subscribers.

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