[AI Futures - S2E5] Data Sovereignty and Human Rights in AI-Powered Virtual Worlds - with John Havens of the IEEE

07.17.2021 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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Today’s guest is John Havens, Director for Emerging Technologies and Strategic Development at the IEEE Standards Association, and Executive Director for the Council on Extended Intelligence and the IEEE Global Initiative of Ethics and Autonomous Intelligent Systems. This series focuses on what the AI future might look like and how day-to-day life might be transformed. Today, John discusses the path we’re on when it comes it our technology and personal data and what that might mean for the virtual environments we’ll eventually live and work in. He also shares his ideas on the implications of data and AI as we consider our privacy and security in the years to come. To access Emerj’s frameworks for AI readiness, ROI and strategy, visit Emerj Plus: emerj.com/p1.

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