[AI Success Factors] - Feature Engineering as a Key to AI ROI - with Chris Joynt of PTC

05.02.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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Today in our latest AI Success Factors series episode, we are focusing on the world of heavy industry while highlighting lessons that can be applied any and everywhere. Our guest this week and Chris Joynt, AIoT Co-innovation Leader for the Solutions Group at PTC. PTC is a software firm based in the Boston area. In this episode, Chris discusses what it takes to measure ROI across several different dimensions. He also emphasizes the importance of feature engineering, what it is from a conceptual point of view, and how to use subject-matter experts to handle feature engineering and bring out elements of the data that can support enterprise leaders in their decisions. This episode is sponsored by PTC. If you’d like to learn more about reaching Emerj’s global executive audience through our podcasts, newsletters, and more, visit emerj.com/ad1.

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