[AI Success Factors] Fight the Right Battles - with Raefer Gabriel of Oracle

02.21.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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Today’s episode is the first of our new Monday series, AI Success Factors. This series will feature a short episode every Monday for the next four months geared towards starting your week with a look at what it takes for AI to succeed across industries and sectors. Our first guest of this series is Raefer Gabriel, VP of Engineering for Oracle’s Digital Assistant. Raefer previously worked as Head of Engineering for Conversational AI at Amazon. In this episode, he explores a book recommendation use-case, looking at Amazon’s roots from a new perspective. Raefer also identifies two key success factors: firstly, communicating value and strategically selecting projects, and secondly, picking your battles. Tune in next week for the second episode of this series to learn how to make your AI projects and ideas even sharper.

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