025: AUDIO - Interview with Ryan Doel, M.OMSc. about the benefits of Osteopathic medicine and detoxification

09.14.2014 - By

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In this episode, Rebecca interviews knowledgeable health professional Ryan Doel, M.OMSc. about Osteopathic medicine and the role it can play in maintaining good health. Ryan is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association and the Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy. Ryan's interest in Osteopathy stems from a strong belief in the innate ability of the body to heal itself and a desire to be of service.

[02:35] Ryan explains who can benefit from osteopathic medicine and what conditions can be treated
[04:23] Ryan explains how Osteopathy makes integrative health changes and how mindset plays a big role on the part of the patient
[05:29] Ryan explains the pre-programmed health myths that you might still believe.
[06:21] The concept of Mind/Body/Spirit explained from the osteopathic paradigm
[08:02] The simplest and most concise description of what Osteopathy really is and how it works
[09:39] Rebecca asks Ryan if the body is able to correct itself
[10:23] Learn about these common obstacles that get in the way of our body's ability to heal itself
[11:50] How can one expect to feel after an osteopathic treatment?
[16:47] Ryan explains the often misunderstood difference of symptomatic relief vs healing
[17:40] The importance of detox/cleanses and the role of Osteopathy
[19:21] How Osteopathy helps ease the many stressors on the body in today's environment and rebuilds the body's own innate resilience
[22:02] Advice for anyone wanting to do a cleanse from the osteopathic perspective
[23:25] Ryan explains why you need to understand how detoxification works before you are doing a cleanse
[24:26] How Osteopathy helps with addressing with the elimination issues
[24:59] More ways to support the elimination of toxins from our bodies
[26:18] How Osteopathy can help you get a good night's sleep
[28:02] A close look at the role the digestive system plays in sleeping
[30:37] Best advice for anyone new to Osteopathy
[34:38] More resources about Osteopathy

Osteopathy Resources Online:
Ontario Osteopathic Association www.ontarioosteopaths.ca
Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy www.canadianico.com
My page for Holistic Healing Arts http://www.ndoc.ca/about-us/ryan-doel-osteopathic-manua.html
Canadian Academy of Osteopathy http://canadianosteopathy.ca/

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