CockTales: Dirty Discussions

By Kiki Said So & Medinah Monroe

What's CockTales: Dirty Discussions about?

CockTales: Dirty Discussions is hosted by Kiki Said So and Medinah Monroe. Both women are in different stages of their love lives; one single and one in a serious long term relationship. The women give uncensored accounts about their sex and dating lives, relationships, and what it's really like to navigate the sea of love in Atlanta. On CockTales, the ladies gather over great drinks and discuss the latest happenings in their sexual experiences dating lives.

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Ep. 343 "Here Kitty Kitty" ...


This week we’re joined by the creator of the Worst Behavior Tour Miss Kitty, we learn what exactly happens on these trips and just how bad people really want to act.Learn more about the tour at www.worstbehaviortour.comTry Rocket Money FREE ...

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