Could We See Bloodborne 2 at PlayStation Experience Revival and Blue Box Studios NOT a Secret Kojima Game

06.24.2021 - By The Trophy Room - A PlayStation Podcast

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This week on The Trophy Room - A PlayStation Podcast host Joseph and Kyle talk about Sony's trademark for PlayStation Experience bring out rumors that Playstation is riving their old tradeshow. but could this Showcase be digital and take on E3 2021 head-on? New Bloodborne 2 rumors with a From Software project called Velvet Viel secretly in development for ps5. Ea is seemingly bringing back Dead Space as a remake / remastered collection akin to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Blue Box CEO Hasan Kahraman clarifies that he is NOT Kojima and that he is NOT working with Konami on a Silent Hill Reboot... Lets be honest its probably Bloober Team. Oh and are people still upset at a possible Ghost of Tsushima port to PC is it actually happening though?

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