Creating Insurance Policies for AI Applications - with Munich Re's Michael Berger

05.03.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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Today’s guest is Michael Berger, Head of Insure AI at Munich Re. In this episode, Michael brings to bear his perspective as someone with technical experience in the industry and as the leader of Insure AI at one of the world’s largest insurance firms. Michael provides a sense of the risks inherent to large AI deployments, from legal risks to physical threats and more. He also discusses how monitoring and pricing risk from an insurance policy standpoint can be updated and act almost as a living document based on the adopting and changing application itself. If you’d like to discover more financial services use-cases, be sure to subscribe to our other show, The AI in Financial Services Podcast, on your preferred podcast platform and find more use-cases on topics such as banking, insurance, wealth management, and much more.

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