#61 Creating Smart Cities with Data Science

05.03.2021 - By DataFramed

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In this episode of DataFramed, Adel speaks with Amen Ra Mashariki, principal scientist at Nvidia and the former Chief Analytics Officer of the City of New York on how data science is done in government agencies, and how it's driving smarter cities all around us.  Throughout the episode, Amen deep-dives into the use-cases he worked on to make the city of New York smarter, how data science allows cities to become more reactive and proactive, the unique challenges of scaling data science in a government setting, the friction between providing value and data privacy and ethics, the state of data literacy in government, and more.  Links from the interview:Follow Amen on LinkedInFollow Amen on TwitterThe New York City Business AtlasHurricane Sandy FEMA After-Action ReportData Drills

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