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By Oscar Trimboli

What's Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli about?

The world is a noisy place where you fight to be heard every day. Despite the fact that we have been taught at home and at school how to speak, none of us has had any training in how to listen. Multiple academic studies have shown that between 50% and 55% of your working day is spent listening, yet only 2% of people have been trained in how to listen.

We feel frustrated, isolated and confused because we aren't heard.

As a speaker, it takes absolutely no training to notice when someone isn't listening - they're distracted, they interrupt or drift away as you talk.

Yet the opposite is also true, without any training in how to listen we struggle to stay connected with the speaker and the discussion.

This results in unproductive workplaces where people fight to be heard and need to repeat themselves constantly, send emails to confirm what they said and then have follow-up meetings to ensure what was said was actually heard by those in the meeting. It's a downward spiral that drains energy from every conversation and reduces the productivity of organisations.

This podcast is about creating practical tips and techniques to improve your daily listening.

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