Diet Starts Tomorrow

By Betches Media

What's Diet Starts Tomorrow about?

Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Remy Kassimir and Emily Lubin. In a world where wellness can make you unwell and beauty standards feel anything but standard, Betches Media presents a podcast that digs into the emotional side of well-being. Listen as we shed our former beliefs that made us feel bad about ourselves — we’re looking at you, toxic diet culture — and laugh while doing it. We’re here to amuse your bouche. For more DST, follow us on Instagram @dietstartstomorrow. Come back for seconds and subscribe to get access to early release and ad-free versions of all new episodes, plus bonus subscriber-only episodes of the show. To sign up as a Back for Seconds subscriber head to:

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Free The Jiggle Ft. Jessie ...


Our dear Remy is on vacation so on today’s episode, Emily is joined by guest host Lauren Hope Krass, comedian and DST content manager. Together they interview fitness instructor and founder of Power Plus Wellness, Jessie Diaz-Herrera about her plus-size ...

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