Gangster Capitalism

By C13Originals

What's Gangster Capitalism about?

There’s a dark side to the American dream.

Gangster Capitalism takes an in-depth look at white collar corruption and scandal, starting with the 2019 college admissions scandal, aka “Operation Varsity Blues" in Season 1. We’ll expose how the wealthiest members of society abuse their power, money and influence to get what they want, regardless of who or what might stand in their way. From the explicitly illegal to the blatantly unethical, every case is bound by a gangster mentality in which rules and laws are minor inconveniences.

Gangster Capitalism is a production of C13Originals, a division of Cadence13.

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S2: The NRA | Bonus Episode...


Following the last episode of Season 2, the creators of Gangster Capitalism received a tip about a secret scheme to keep Wayne LaPierre in power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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