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In this episode Tripp gives advice on:

- Tripp's background and lifestyle (05:28)

- Why Tripp became a dating coach (09:50)

- When to kiss a girl and making the first move (15:28)

- Tips on how to go for the kiss and recognizing her signs (21:21)

- The anxiety of kiss rejection and what a girl will do (27:08)

- How to handle rejection after going for the kiss too early (30:45)

- Is it possible to encourage girls to kiss you? (32:25)

- Different kinds of kisses, techniques, or approaches (34:30)

- Variety in your teasing and kissing dynamics (39:45)

- How to be dominant and passionate in kissing (40:55)

- Getting physical when kissing (e.g. groping, touching her butt, etc.) and paying attention to her body language (44:17)

- Important advice offered to men that is also the most ignored (47:36)

- How to connect with Tripp to learn more about him and his work (50:52)

- Recommendations for high quality advice in dating, sex, and relationships (52:02)

- Top three recommendations to help men get results as fast as possible in dating, sex, and relationships (52:57)

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