It had the head of a Dog or a Goat What is Stalking the Northumbrian Hills

02.24.2020 - By Bigfoot/Dogman/Unexplained

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Fell Wanderer - Forest, The Cheviots and The Simonside hills are places where there are multiple strange encounters and the odd 7ft hairy hominid report, over the years many people have shared their encounters by reporting strange figures, Paranormal and unexplained events, Animal Mutilations, Strange Craft and Lights, Ghost Lights, Missing Hikers, Missing time and even the odd Cryptid. The stories and folklore in the area goes back generations in time. Northumberland has many forests, and most of them are accessible to the public. Although there are miles of woodland paths where you are unlikely to meet another soul, there are several more popular, waymarked trails. The area is popular with wild campers due to the many out of the way places, and many of the areas mentioned here will be familiar to them. The reports in the area are usually made by people walking the dog, hiking, mountain biking or camping. Everyday people doing everyday things. I wonder when the next strange experience will be reported and if you will be that person making the report.The Simonside Hills have an ancient legend of malevolent dwarves. The dwarves are described as dark and mischievous pests, tricksters that attack innocent travelers in the night. The dwarves are also referred to as Brown Men, Bogles and the Duergar. They are known to lead hikers astray, usually after dark with lit torches that attract attention and lead the unsuspecting follower into the dark bogs or over the crags which would lead to certain death. .....................I was walking close to some hazel bushes, my wife was about 30 yards away to my right and Oskar our dog was beside her. Suddenly I was aware of a loud growling sound coming from the bushes beside me, it didn't sound like a large Cat growl more like the growl of a very large Dog. My wife at that point hadn't heard the growl, neither did Oskar so I didnt say anything. As we got further down the hill about another 50 yards I heard another loud growl, louder than before and it came from within the trees, this time my wife shouted "did you hear that"? I said "let's get back to the car "and we quickly walked down the hill to the carpark. Suddenly to our horror we found that whatever was making the growling sounds had beaten us to the car somehow and was now in the trees directly in front of us, making even louder growling noises. I told my wife to quickly get into the car and I dragged Oskar to the back end and put him in the boot. It was at this point that I was truly scared as I looked around for some large stick to fend off whatever it was to my mind was about to spring at me from the trees. I got into the car and breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever it was had stalked us all the way down the hill for over 300 yards and by the sound of the growl it was extremely large.If you have not already joined BBR International Investigations, you can become a member of our BBR Investigations group and help us to investigate cases like these, in the field or online by contacting Deb via Please click one of these links to show support, or hit that like button. Feel free to share.For BBR Memberships email admin team on #BBR #BBR UKPatreon - - Cryptid Creatures and the Unexplained.Wordpress- British Bigfoot Wordpress.comYoutube - <a...

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