Episode 51 - Leaders (Characters Who Inspire Awesome)

07.24.2019 - By The Writ Wit: A Podcast About Writing and the Creative Process

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In this episode, the two Matts celebrate the publication of Matt Donald's final Megazoic book, sell and test a writing procrastination hypnosis tape, lament about certain examples picked when so many better options exist, and discuss leaders and how to write them. What makes these characters so awesome? How can their sense of leadership be best shown? What are the best situations to write for a leader? What methods can Matt David employ to get him to actually write something for once for the "What Have We Writ" segment? We discuss it all, with such charisma and bravado that listeners have no choice but to follow our lead, and talk about Captain America, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Sydney White for some unfathomable reason.  Have any feedback or questions for our hosts? Email us at mattd@matthewdonaldcreator.com. Also you can purchase Matt Donald's book "Megazoic" on Amazon by clicking here, its sequel "Megazoic: The Primeval Power" by clicking here, its third installment "Megazoic: The Hunted Ones" by clicking here, or its final installment "Megazoic: An Era's End" by clicking here. If you'd like, of course.

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