LM101-053: How to Enhance Learning Machines with Swarm Intelligence (Particle Swarm Optimization)

07.11.2016 - By Learning Machines 101

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In this 53rd episode of Learning Machines 101, we introduce the concept of a Swarm Intelligence with respect to Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms. The essential idea of “Swarm Intelligence” is that you have a group of individual entities which behave in a coordinated manner yet there is no master control center providing directions to all of the individuals in the group. The global group behavior is an “emergent property” of local interactions among individuals in the group! We will analyze the concept of swarm intelligence as a Markov Random Field, discuss how it can be harnessed to enhance the performance of machine learning algorithms, and comment upon relevant mathematics for analyzing and designing “swarm intelligences” so they behave in an appropriate manner by viewing the Swarm as a nonlinear optimization algorithm. For more information check out: www.learningmachines101.com  and also check us out on twitter (@lm101talk).

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