053 - Manufacturing, Quality & 3D Printing

05.23.2017 - By The Product Startup: Product development for small business

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Today’s show is hosted by Khierstyn Ross of Crowdfunding Uncut, a podcast that dives into the details of successful crowdfunding campaigns. Today we will focus on manufacturing and quality assurance - answering some of the most popular questions that we get asked.
In this episode, we learn about

* What does the prototyping process look like [6:50]
* Stripping your product back to the most elegant, simple solution [9:26]
* Sourcing a manufacturer locally or abroad [12:44]
* Working with third-party quality assurance firms [18:59]
* The top criteria when selecting the right manufacturer [21:00]
* Protecting your idea with the manufacturer [24:41]
* Product packaging [28:40]
* How to know when to call it quits, and how much money or time to invest [33:01]
* The importance of 3D printing and incorporating it in your process [38:30]
* My one piece of advice for entrepreneurs creating their own products [42:00]

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

* Guest Host: Khierstyn Ross

* Website: crowdfundinguncut.com
* Social Media

* Twitter: @khierstynross
* Facebook: facebook.com/crowdfundinguncut
* Instagram: instagram.com/khierstyn

* Resources

* Finding Manufacturers

* Trade Show News Network: TSNN.com
* Alibaba: alibaba.com
* Global Sources: globalsources.com

* Manufacturer Background Checks

* China Checkup: chinacheckup.com
* Globis: glo-bis.com

* Freakonomics: The Upside of Quitting
* Find Local 3D Printers: 3DHubs.com

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