Episode 56 Part 2: Petty about Seasonal Allergies, Streaming Services, and School Spirit

04.27.2021 - By Ready to Be Petty: A Pop Culture Podcast

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In episode 56 (part 2), Torry shares her thoughts on episodes 5-8 of the Circle (0:36). Then Torry and Nick talk about truly nothing: they discuss seasonal allergies and why they aren’t taken seriously (8:50) and talk about people who are lactose intolerant (15:26). Next, they discuss streaming services (24:46) and finally, Nick’s school’s Spirit Week (35:10).

Part 1 of this episode was released on April 22nd, 2021.

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Enjoyed the discussion the Circle? Listen to Torry discuss it on episode 56 (part 1) and bonus episode 12.

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