89| Practical Rules to Make Relationships Work - Franklin Veaux

05.18.2015 - By DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast)

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In this episode Franklin Veaux gives advice on:

- Franklin and Eve's background and polyamory lifestyle (02:28)

- Maintaining long distance relationships in polyamory (05:29)

- Managing communication between multiple partners in polyamorous relationships (08:00)

- How Franklin and Eve started writing about polyamory and their book: More Than Two: A practical guide to ethical polyamory (see show notes below) (10:17)

- Franklin and Eve's definition of a healthy relationship (14:53)

- Recognizing if you are in a healthy relationship: a relationship bill of rights to set respectful boundaries (17:15)

- Unhealthy boundaries in relationships regarding invasion of privacy and broken trust (22:48)

- In terms of healthy relationships, the differences between monogamy and polyamory (24:20)

- The benefits of exploring polyamory, the necessary relationship skills, and determining if it is for you (25:28)

- Is polyamory about intimate long-term relationships or more of a casual thing? (29:50)

- Cheating in relationships and if it is beneficial to become polyamorous (30:51)

- A matter of opinion: most women do not like going to swinging clubs. They're mostly doing it for their partners (35:12)

- The importance of security and insecurities in relationships: developing self-esteem and personal security (37:00)

- Useful tools and approaches for entering into a relationship (38:59)

- Managing jealously in a relationship, within yourself as well as in your partner (41:58)

- The frameworks of polyamory and the benefits of adding structure to relationships (47:35)

- Using "vetos" in relationship communication and the pitfalls (52:06)

- Navigating the boundaries of a relationship and how it's going to affect you (57:33)

- Different scenarios for initiating a polyamorous relationship (58:46)

- The best way to connect with Franklin and Eve to learn more about their work (1:11:38)

- Recommendations for high quality advice in polyamory (1:12:28)

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