Special Episode - Smash/Cut Podcast "HIM"

12.04.2016 - By You Are Here SciFi Audio Drama

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  Hi, I'm Mattie   Hey there, Scifi fans. This is a special episode created by the Smash/Cut Podcast for AIDS day. We took no part in creating this production and are just broadcasting it on our feed with their permission. It IS a partial episode so if you want to hear more you'll have to visit www.smashcutthepodcast.com  There is a warning in the beginning of the episode but this episode does contain some sexual language that is not usually present in our episodes. THANK YOU Please help us find our demographic for potential advertisers by filling out this survey  survey.libsyn.com/youarehere Thanks to our patrons Abraspam Lincoln, Carl, Tarra, Michelle, JD Ginsberg, Michael B, Elsa, Ren, Austin, Steve, Scott, Jeff, Amanda and our very own Jason Comeau for your financial support! We really appreciate it.   For more information about this show’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” model and a full cast list please visit http://www.YouAreHerePodcast.com facebook.com/youareherepodcast or patreon.com/youareherepodcast where you can also throw a buck in the tip jar to help support our craft and give yourself some extra votes when the time comes. Feel free to follow us on twitter @YouAreHerePod.  Also follow @aapodcastshow and @fatecrafterspod to stay up to date on what new shows are joining our ranks in the future. THANKS!

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