Stages of Enterprise AI Maturity, from a Practitioner's Perspective - with Rajkumar Bondugula of Verizon

02.08.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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This week’s guest is Rajkumar Bondugula, Fellow and Luminary Scientist at Verizon. Rajkumar holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and was previously the Principal Data Scientist at Equifax. In this episode, Rajkumar clarifies some of the critical differences between business intelligence, analytics, and data science. He also discusses how these concepts build upon one another and help businesses level up their services. If you’re interested in more insights on building AI maturity, building proper data science teams, being able to identify high-value AI projects and move them forward, be sure to check out Emerj Plus at to unlock our AI best-practice guides, whitepapers, and entire AI use-case library.

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