The First Degree

By Alexis Linkletter, Jac Vanek, Billy Jensen

What's The First Degree about?

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be friends with a murderer? Or escape a kidnapping? Or have a father who was a serial killer? Join Jac Vanek and Alexis Linkletter on a chilling ride into the darkest corners of your worst nightmares. Murders, cults, kidnappings, and conspiracies—all told through the eyes of a guest who is one degree of separation from the story itself. From infamous serial killers to the unbelievable unknown murder in your own backyard, The First Degree delivers a new perspective to the already fascinating true crime landscape. And who knows... you may be our next guest. (Plus, join them every Thursday for Killing Time, the light-hearted, true crime-adjacent aftershow!)

5,688 ratings

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This week the girls and the ginger are back with a big time full-fact! Did you know the origin of the Michelin star rating system? We didn’t, but today we’re breaking it down, and it’s making us hungry! Then, we’re ...

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