Use-Cases for an Enterprise Data Fabric - with Amaresh Tripathy of Genpact

03.29.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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Today’s guest is Amaresh Tripathy, Senior Vice President and Global Business Lead for Analytics at Genpact. Genpact has some 80,000 employees, and Amaresh leads a global team of nearly 8,000 analytics experts covering everything from data engineering, machine learning, data insights, and more. This episode focuses on data fabrics and what separates the idea of a data fabric from a data lake, and how enterprise leaders can make sure that this fabric translates immediately to use-cases that add value with near-term ROI and building long-term capability. Amaresh also clarifies the concept of data fabric and ties it to use-cases applicable in business with real examples from some of Genpact’s clients. Join Emerj Plus at to discover more AI use-cases, best practice guides, whitepapers, frameworks, and more.

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