021: Video Interview with holistic health and wellness coach Danna Yahav

08.15.2014 - By

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In this interview, holistic health and wellness coach Danna Yahav talks about her own journey and how she had to hit rock bottom before she became an advocate and authority on health and wellness. She shares how to correctly identify lifestyle factors that may keep us in poor mental and physical health and how to change them. Danna explains what primary and secondary foods are, a powerful concept taught by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which she is a graduate of. Danna also sheds light on the dreaded negativity spiral and why people don't lose weight, even if the eat the right things and exercise. She also shares some of her best techniques to deal with negative emotions and how one of her mentors, Gabrielle Bernstein, reminds us of the hidden power in feeling our emotions. Danna dispels the excuses we cling to and shows us how to clear our head and the way to health and happiness. Danna shares how she helps her clients hit the reset button and consistently achieve great results. You will learn in this interview what her best tips are and how you can put them to use immediately to start creating your best life now! If you want to learn more about Danna, check out her website www.dannayav.com.

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