Warcraft Less Traveled #83 – Ghost of Franclorn Forgewright

01.15.2015 - By Warcraft Less Traveled : A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Episode #83: Everyone loves a good ghost story… especially in Azeroth. Our journey brings us to the ancient halls of Blackrock Mountain and into Forgewright’s Tomb subzone @(20.6,28.8). All explorers have the opportunity to visit a hidden NPC ghost, Franclorn Forgewright. This forgotten, level 60 Dark Iron dwarf once played an important role as a quest giver related to the Blackrock Depths instance. However, with the Cataclysm expansion, Franclorn Forgewright no longer provides ‘The Dark Iron Legacy’ quest. What makes Forgewright special is that he remains one of the few game NPCs that can only be seen by players if they are also dead. Once the visiting adventurer is in ghost form, the shadowy image of this legendary dwarf can be found standing atop his stone tomb. Although his quest is now obsolete, Forgewright’s crafting legacy lives on in the still-obtainable one-handed mace ‘Ironfoe’. This ancient mace grants its wielder two strikes per swing and the special ability to speak dwarvish for a short time. The ghost of Franclorn Forgewright – and learning the legacy of his architecture, crafting, and the existence of weapons attributed to him – is something worth revisiting.

NPC Ghost: Franclorn Forgewright
Quest: The Dark Iron Legacy [Obsolete]
Forgewrite’s Legacy Hammer #1: Ironfel
Forgewrite’s Legacy Hammer #2: Ironfoe

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