We Met At Acme

By Dear Media, Lindsey Metselaar

What's We Met At Acme about?

We Met At Acme is the OG dating podcast. In each episode, you'll learn about attachment styles, rules and guidelines to follow when dating, red flags, the importance of therapy, and more. With host Lindsey Metselaar you’ll hear from dating experts, licensed professionals, celebrities, and influencers all sharing their dating experiences or dating insights. Most importantly, you'll improve your confidence, self-worth, and overall outlook towards dating - you'll laugh a little along the way and learn not to take yourself too seriously.

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How To Not Let Anxiety Ruin...


On today’s episode, I sit down with Allison Raskin, a writer, relationship expert, and mental health activist. We discuss how relationships OCD and regular OCD differ, how SSRI’s affect sex, dealing with a partner who has depression or anxiety, and ...

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