What Day Is It?

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What's What Day Is It? about?

What Day Is It? podcast is the digital version of happy hour with your besties. PLAY Digital Founder Bailey Stanworth and Jacci Rai are covering every girl problem, life struggle, mental health topic and biz reality there is. Get ready to cheers and celebrate the inspirational and relatable af stories from girls (and gents) who aren't afraid to admit they don't have it all together. Also, FUN FACT: it’s not drinking alone if you’re listening to WDII!

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Serena Kerrigan - How We Sp...


This week on WDII get ready to hear from the Queen of Confidence, Serena Kerrigan (or Serena Fucking Kerrigan as she calls herself). Bailey and Jacci get all the tips and tricks on how to become your most confident self ...

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