110| You're Not Selfish Enough to Date Quality Women - Jessica J

11.20.2015 - By DSR: Become a Better Man by Mastering Dating, Sex and Relationships (formerly Dating Skills Podcast)

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In this episode Jessica J gives advice on:

- Jessica's background, including the pornographic industry (05:06)

- Jessica having the most popular OkCupid profile in L.A. (06:16)

- The difference between Jessica and other coaches in the dating, sex, and relationships arena (09:23)

- The biggest myth in dating, sex, and relationships (11:20)

- The importance for a man to be a leader or a decision maker with women (13:35)

- Typical issues men have regarding leading or decision making (17:53)

- The connection between being selfish, knowing what you want, and what you are looking for (20:32)

- Drawing the line between being selfish and being inconsiderate (25:26)

- Practical examples of leading and decision making when approaching or meeting women (28:00)

- How selfishness can work to your advantage when on a date (32:58)

- How to be selfish when wanting to take a woman home (35:55)

- Should men be more selfish in sex? (42:48)

- Should there be selfishness in relationships? (45:50)

- Cultivating and making selfishness a habit and part of your life (49:40)

- Advice Jessica offers that is often ignored (51:39)

- Objections to Jessica's coaching approach to dating, sex, and relationships (54:15)

- Recommendations for high quality advice in this area (55:53)

- Top three recommendations for men to improve in dating, sex, and relationships as fast as possible (57:05)

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