10,000 NOs

By Matthew Del Negro

What's 10,000 NOs about?

Actor Matthew Del Negro (The Sopranos, The West Wing, Scandal) describes his career as being told "No" for a living. Here, he gets up close and personal with top-shelf folks from all walks of life about the 10,000 "No" s they've had to endure and struggles they've had to overcome on their journey to where they are today. Inspiring, raw, honest and funny, this podcast will help you see that the people you think have "got it made" put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you.
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What Are Talent Agents Look...


In this excerpt, from one of our monthly VIP Live Zoom calls with the 10,000 NOs Insiders Community, Talent Agent Marion Campbell or Buchwald LA cuts straight to what young actors need to hear: what does it take to not ...

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