10.16.2019 - By The Archers

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Jennifer’s grateful to Elizabeth for alerting Brian to Ruairi’s feelings over Siobhan. Now that it’s in the open she can see a weight’s been lifted. She feels she shouldn’t have been so blinkered, but Elizabeth points out Ruairi was trying hard not to let them know anything was amiss. Jennifer wishes Brian hadn’t been so tactless in making it obvious he still thinks of Siobhan, but acknowledges it’s the prices she pays for staying with him, something she doesn’t regret. Elizabeth reminds Jennifer Ruairi thinks she’s a wonderful stepmother.
Jim has a dilemma. He made a promise to Joe that he’d play at his wake, but now finds himself uneasy at the prospect of being watched. He goes for a walk with Jazzer, but they’re accosted by Joy, who’s found an injured crow. They manage to get it to Alistair’s surgery, having endured being talked at the whole way by oblivious Joy. Alistair’s for putting the bird down, but Jim persuades him to take a closer look. They chat about Jim’s reluctance to play at the wake, but Jim’s still equivocal. Later Alistair reports to Jazzer that Denise the practice nurse knows a corvid fanatic, so the crow’s had a reprieve. They speculate as to which way Jim will jump regarding his dilemma over Joe’s wishes.

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