01.20.2020 - By The Archers

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Lynda issues Philip with an invitation to be the guest of honour at the Cider Club Burns Night celebrations, in light of his work on the playground. She hopes they can count on Philip to recite the Address To The Haggis too, though he’s less enthusiastic about this.
Tom and Natasha are looking forward to an evening of cocktail making at a bar in Borchester, but when they arrive Natasha can hardly keep her eyes open. Tom teases her for falling asleep, and she snaps at him – he has it easy with his work on the doorstep. As they head home, Natasha apologises for overreacting. She’s decided to move her business over to Ambridge to ease off the commute. The orchard will remain, but she will relocate the press, warehouse and office. Perhaps Bridge Fresh and Summer Orchard could co-locate. Tom thinks it’s a fantastic idea.
Philip tries to get a downbeat Kirsty to open up to him. She explains how stressed the wedding is making her. The bust up with Gavin, and the disaster of her last wedding hasn’t helped. All she knows is that two weeks ago she was really happy, and now she isn’t. Philip suggests that they don’t get married. They both know how in love they are. Relieved Kirsty’s very happy – but what about everyone else? Philip assures her he’ll deal with the fallout in Ambridge…

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