A Brief History of Hopium

06.19.2021 - By X22 Report: Economic Collapse News & Analysis

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By The Corbett Report
With all these decades and—in the case of the oldest democracies—centuries of broken political promises, you’d think that the public would have caught on to the game by now.
But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled hopium even as the lies and broken promises become ever more ridiculous. . . .

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Deus ex machina (or, “god from the machine”) refers to a plot device whereby the hero of a story is saved from some terrible fate by the sudden intervention of a god. The term comes from ancient Greek drama, where the god would literally be brought onto the stage using a machine like a crane or a riser.
The convention of a god appearing on stage to save the main character was popularized by Euripides over 2500 years ago and it has continued to pop up throughout the centuries, even i

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