86: A Different Perspective on Coronavirus (with Ricky!)

04.06.2020 - By Do Something Beautiful

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Ricky: Husband, father, Green Beret Special Forces medic, firefighter. He knows a lot about a lot, so I got him to talk with me (to you!) about not only the current state of affairs with COVID-19 in the world, but also on a personal and spiritual level. How can you be preparing yourself as a whole person? What does it mean for our faith? How can we see God's hand in this circumstance? How can we grow in relationship with him?

Disclaimer: Not experts on coronavirus! Definitely not experts! #ImNoExpert

Ricky's advice:
1) Pray. Think. Pray. Get up early in the morning and spend time with God, letting him speak to you.
2) Get to confession (as soon as you can, and if it's available in your diocese).
3) Now you're in a position to begin to discern what God's calling you to do.

Don't just fill the void - take your uncomfortable emptiness to Christ, and let him work in your heart.

There is hope!

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