A Fight for America Part 2: The Biden Campaign w/ Andrew Yang

09.22.2020 - By THE ED MYLETT SHOW

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The debate continues! PART 2: A Fight for America is NOW STREAMING! Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent, or none of the above, you have a right to be INFORMED and a responsibility to make your voice heard!   Last week I sat down one-on-one with Donald Trump Jr. and had an intense and spirited conversation about the Trump campaign and the future of America if Trump were to win the 2020 election. THIS WEEK I'm sitting down with former presidential candidate, lawyer, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang to get his perspective on the future of American under the Biden/Harris campaign. I SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN... I'M NOT POLITICAL. I HAVE NO AGENDA. MY JOB IN BOTH INTERVIEWS IS TO ASK HARD QUESTIONS! I ASK DIFFICULT QUESTIONS ABOUT BIDEN (and his track record) AND LAST WEEK I DID DO THE SAME W TRUMP! This interview or the last one may be difficult to watch/listen to if you already have strong opinions about these things but, REMEMBER THIS... We cannot GROW as individuals if we are unwilling to do things that make us uncomfortable, push our boundaries, and expand our thought processes. Living life in your bubble breeds division, lack of compassion, and hate. The truth becomes a one-sided conversation. And therefore, it's no truth at all! I encourage you to watch BOTH interviews. Take advantage of this UNFILTERED information and use it so YOU can be fully equipped to VOTE based on the FACTS and make the BEST decision not just for you, but for your family and for the United States. From Joe Biden's cognitive state, the economy, and tax reform to the debate on immigration and the handling of COVID, this interview gets REAL, remains HONEST, and DELIVERS the facts. Oh and a detailed and DEEP conversation about Andrew's proposal for “Guaranteed Minimum Income” for all Americans. (This part is going to get everybody in the country talking and thinking about it whether they are on the left or the right)

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