A healthy gut is fiber fueled with Dr Will Bulsiewicz, MD + Gastroenterologist

05.13.2020 - By Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition

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In Episode 102 Dr Will Bulsiewicz, aka Dr B, joins me for round 5 to talk about his brand new book 'Fiber Fueled' and tackle a few areas of gut health that we haven't yet explored on this show. If you are looking for more evidence-based knowledge bombs about gut health then this is an episode you will want to digest.

Topics we cover:

•Writing his first book
•Eating like our ancestors -does this make sense?
•A recap on dysbiosis and gut health 101
•How dysbiosis may be causing, or at least contributing to auto-immune diseases, weight gain and chronic diseases.
•The importance of fibre and the different types
•History of microbiome research and why we have been able to make significant area in our understanding of this area of science in the past decade
•and much more

Get a copy of Fiber Fueled - Dr B's first book which is now available via the below links

If you're from USA buy here
If you're from Canada buy here
All other countries including Australia buy here

If you enjoyed the episode, or have follow up questions, be sure to let Dr B know on Instagram

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