A homeschooling year recap and what’s ahead for next year – Hf #215

05.23.2019 - By The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

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I am wrapping up this current homeschool year and starting to plan and collect resources for next year. So now is a great time to do a little recap of our homeschool curriculum we've used the past 2 years and what we will be using going into next year! I'll also share a little bit about the homeschool philosophy we have fallen in love with, how we do a morning basket time, and more! 
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Links & Resources: 
Using Sonlight: 

The Sonlight curriculum we have: Core A (for grades K-2 and ages 5-7)
For our family we have fallen in love with their book selection but don't need their Instructor's Guide. 
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Sonlight books we've loved: 

James Harriot's Treasury for children
Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion
Adventures in Ancient Greece 
Dolphin Adventures
Cappy Boppy
The Boxcar Children #1
Johnny Appleseed: The Story of a Legand
Usborn's Children Encyclopedia

What we use for teaching reading: 

Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons (goes from K-2nd grade) 
Dash into Reading books - Amazing beginning reader books. They are so beautiful!! 

What we now use for Math (and LOVE!!) 

Master Books Level 1 (this is technically first grade math but it was perfect for Kindergarten)

Morning basket time: 

Devotional we use: I Am: 40 reasons to Trust God

Other books we've loved reading this year:  

Children's picture atlas - Usborn
My first keyboard book - Usborn
Rahl Dahl Book Set (we got ours at Costco for a killer price)
The Dragon Master Series
We are the gardeners by Joanna Gaine
The Usborn Outdoor Activity Book

What we are planning for next year (but this might change as I start to order stuff): 

Master Books Math level 1
Continue with 100 easy lessons book
Next level in handwriting without tears
Adding in a nature notebook
Move into another devotional when we end that one

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