A Letter to the Woman Overwhelmed by Her Christmas to-Do List // Emily Tate

12.07.2020 - By Letters to Women - Exploring the Feminine Genius

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In today’s episode, Emily Tate and I are have a conversation about being intentional with our Advent, our gift giving, and our traditions in this season.
Many of us are blessed with memories of just really perfect gifts that were given to us. This past summer, one of my friends gave me a beautiful birthday gift that included a book on gardening, a book on growing in joy, and book of cello music - plus a gift card to my favorite local coffee shop. I felt so seen and loved by her - she’d seen all of my interests and loves and combined them perfectly. You may also have memories around gifts you’ve given - maybe to a best friend, a sibling, a spouse - something that brought you so much joy to put together for them and that you loved seeing them unwrap.
In a season where it’s easy to get caught up in the to-do list aspect of gift giving, or the commercialized gift giving we find ourselves in, this conversation with Emily was so refreshing and such a fun way to start this Advent season.
If you are staring at a list of people who you want to give a gift to this Christmas and wondering how to honor those friendships and relationships well with an intentional gift, sister, this letter is for you.
Topics we talked about in this episode:

What inspired Emily to found Pillar and Pearl

The joy that Emily finds in collaborating with Catholic artisans and other Catholic women who curate boxes for Pillar and Pearl

Emily’s tips for intentional gift giving and knowing the temperaments of those you love

Creating your own family traditions

The joy of remembering intentional gifts that were given to you

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