A Letter to the Woman Who Hates Swimsuit Shopping // Catherine Huss

08.23.2021 - By Letters to Women - Exploring the Feminine Genius

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This year, after FIVE YEARS, I finally went swimsuit shopping. And let me tell you, it was a months long process. I added and removed at least thirty different suits from my online shopping carts and FINALLY landed on one - but even then, there are still things that I would change about it. The whole process reminded me why it took me five years to update my swimwear. It’s not that fun of a process . . . you know what I mean?
In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with Catherine Huss. Catherine and I are talking about how she founded Siena and Co., a women’s swimwear line that is ethically made here in the US - and the only thing I’m wishing is that these swimsuits that she’s designed were available earlier this summer when I was looking EVERYWHERE for something I could feel both confident in lounging poolside on a girls day, but also chasing Maeve and Ada around the swimming pool, too.
We’re diving (pun intended) into the topic of modesty and whether or not it’s subjective when it comes to the clothes we wear. I know summer is drawing to a close as you listen to this episode, but there are still some poolside hours in our calendar and the topic of modesty is something listeners ask about quite a bit, so I think this conversation is more evergreen than summer specific.
If you’ve ever dreaded swimsuit shopping and you just want a functional and beautiful suit that you can feel confident in, sister, this letter is for you.
Topics we talked about in this episode:

Siena and Co.’s origin story and what sets Catherine’s work apart
How the swimwear designs that are part of the first Siena and Co. collection were inspired in adoration
The subjectivity of modesty and how to discern dressing in a way that honors your dignity and worth
Why Catherine decided to launch this year’s line on Kickstarter
Spiritual maternity, midwifing dreams, and why you shouldn’t wait for a certain season of life to embrace your feminine genius.

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