A look back at the Gold Cup with Brad Friedel

07.27.2017 - By Dummy: Interviews with smart people about soccer

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After the U.S. beat Jamaica to win the Gold Cup trophy, Bobby and George revisit their discussion on fringe USMNT players and who seems likely to make the 2018 World Cup roster. (Hint: Jordan Morris helped his case, Matt Hedges not so much.) Then Brad Friedel joins to discuss the Gold Cup and answer some questions specifically about the goalkeeping position—should Arena settle on a clear starter (and how did that work with Friedel and Kasey Keller?), and what sort of special challenges does a former goalkeeper face when transitioning to become the head coach of a team? 
(Warning: There is at least one instance of adult language in this episode when Bobby drops an F bomb to describe Jordan Morris’s speed.)
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