A new book just revealed how women are changing the face of politics in America

09.17.2019 - By The Dworkin Report

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Scott speaks with author Caitlin Moscatello, whose new book “See Jane Win: The inspiring story of women changing American politics” documents the #BlueWave 2018 election, introducing readers to a diverse group of women who became first-time candidates in the wake of the Women’s March, that ultimately marched all the way into elected office. Moscatello took the time to share her key takeaways from her two-year journey following the four first-time candidates who are now better known as Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), New York State Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz, Florida State Rep. Ana Eskamani and Tennesee State Rep. London Lamar. You can find her first-hand account on your local store’s bookshelves at Barnes and Noble.
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