2.07 A Quarter to Midnight

06.21.2021 - By The Strange Case of Starship Iris

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SUMMARY: Shocking discoveries and hard decisions.EPISODE WARNINGS: This episode contains fraught familial situations, police, a tense stand-off, and gun violence.TRANSCRIPT: available at https://www.procyonpodcastnetwork.com/post/starship-iris-2-7CREDITSIshani Kanetkar as Arkady Patel
Jamie Price as Brian Jeeter

Brittony LeFever as Krejjh
Sean Rohani as Eejjhgreb

Jeffrey Nils Gardner as Vashren
Sarah Golding as Major General Frederick 
Elijah Myers as Reshthreb
Jackie Andrews as RJ McCabe
Rukhmani Desai as Sana Tripathi
Cindy Chu as Violet Liu
Rae Tay as Juniper Liu
Alex Welch as Officer Walker

Chant Wu as Mei Li
Leslie Gideon as Isidore Jones
Fin Truant as Oakley Cannon Brown
Sound design, mixing, and editing by Hannah Cross and Erin Baumann
Written by Jessica Best
Directed by Rachel KellumOpening credits music is “Fear for the Storm,” written by Jessica Best and S.E. Winters and performed by Chiron Star with Erin Baumann on vocals, harmonies arranged by Jamie Price. Ending credits music is “Rocket Science” by David Devereux of Tin Can Audio.

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