A sea change, a door opens.

12.05.2014 - By James Durham Audiobooks - FETIDUS

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Hello Everyone! James Durham here with some big updates!

Sometimes cutting right to the point is the best way to handle it. So here
it is:

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Now, before you get worried about me, there is very good news. After
testing and surgery, the diagnosis is as good as I could hope for. I was
diagnosed with a form of cancer that is very curable, and on top of that, I
caught it early at stage 1, so I plan to live a long and healthy life. I am
very, very lucky.

So please, no worries about that. I’m fine now, and life is, in fact,
better than ever.

But through all this, I changed, and I’m continuing to change. In a single,
solitary moment, I experienced a profound shift in my heart. And I can’t
shake it — I don’t want to shake it.

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