A Zombie-Free Recovery of Africa's Energy Sector

10.01.2020 - By Into Africa

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Energy development is at the heart of an inclusive African recovery from Covid-19, but how can we supercharge the region's power sector? Todd Moss (Energy for Growth Hub), Rose Mutiso (Energy for Growth Hub; Mawazo Institute), and Kate Steel (Nithio) join host Judd Devermont to discuss the future of Africa's energy sector, South Africa's struggling diplomacy in Zimbabwe, and key challenges facing African think tanks. 

Background Readings:

A post Covid agenda for a 'zombie-free' recovery of Africa's power markets - Rose Mutiso and Todd Moss 

Pilot Database: Understanding the RACE metric - Jacob Kincer and Todd Moss 

Ted Talk: How to bring affordable, sustainable electricity to Africa - Rose Mutiso 

The crisis of African think tanks: Challenges and solutions - Brookings Institution

About the Mazawo Institute - Mawazo.org

Rose Mutiso's Ted Talk on climate justice and energy (Live on 10/10/2020)

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