AAA 496: Your Eyeballs Glued to What?!

11.06.2019 - By Anime Addicts Anonymous

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The Anime Addicts share all the wonderful anime we've been watching lately! Maybe you'll get some good recommendations!

We also continue our Fall 2019 Anime Impressions with:
--Assassin's Pride
--Null Peta
--Hoshiai no Sora

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Time Markers:
-Big News of the Week: 9:45
-The Good, The Bad, and the Moe: 13:45
-News Break 1: 21:15
-Mandi's Manga Minute: 28:45
-Mason's Waifu Wars: 35:00
-Main Topic - What Have We Been Watching: 4:00
-News Break 2: 1:23:30
-Itunes Review: 1:31:50
-Fall Anime Impressions: 1:33:00
-Mailbag: 2:00:30

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