Abducted by terrorists! Saved by God! (PT1)

12.02.2018 - By Amazing Testimonies Podcast (Christian Testimonies | True Stories | Inspiration | Faith)

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On this weeks' episode of Amazing Testimonies Podcast, Kule Joram. Growing up with his family in Uganda (East Africa), Kule Joram's daily life was not easy. During his childhood, Kule recalls a horrific event that occurred which deeply impacted his life in both a positive & negative way.

One day, the village where Kule and his family lived was besieged and brutally attacked by a group of muslim terrorists. The villagers where no match for the terrorists who had guns. Most of the villagers (including Kule's family) scrambled & scattered in fear looking for a place to hide. Some men (like Kule's father and older brother's) took a stand and attempted to fight of the gun wielding invaders with whatever crude and rudimentary tools and weapons they could pick up.

During the ensuing onslaught, Kule's mother & father was severely injured and his youngest brother mortally wounded! After all the dust had settled, Kule Joram found himself abducted, taken into captivity and led far away from his home & family, deep into the dense foreboding forrests of Uganda.

Tune in now to hear Kule Joram's thrilling testimony entitled part #1 of "Abducted by terrorists! Saved By God”.




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