Accountability: The “secret” trick to staying motivated (and how to find yours)

12.15.2021 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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Staying motivated is something that every runner has to deal with.  Whether you’re constantly lacking motivation or it only comes up once in a blue moon, one of the secrets to powering through these times is accountability. So, how do you set yourself to be accountable? What happens when you need external accountability? To answer these questions, we’ve brought on Sabrina Little, an expert coach and accomplished professional trail and ultra runner for HOKA ONE ONE. She has qualified for 5 US teams and has won 5 US titles from the 50-mile trail to the 24-hour road ultra. She previously held American records in the 24-hour and 200K distances.  This is a fascinating discussion that just might change the way you look at who is accountable to whom. Connect, Comment, Community Follow RunnersConnect on Instagram Join the Elite Treatment where you get first dibs on everything RTTT each month! Runners Connect Winner's Circle Facebook Community  RunnersConnect Facebook page GET EXPERT COACHING AT RUNNERSCONNECT! This week’s show brought to you by: LMNT When coaching endurance runners of all levels to be their best, I always emphasize the need for proper hydration with the right balance of electrolytes. Most athletes I’ve coached are surprised to learn that their sodium needs are actually much higher than they expected and it’s been hurting their performance.  Part of the reason athletes need much more sodium than they think is not just because they lose electrolytes through their sweat, but also because athletes tend to eat very healthy diets.  They’ve been told that salt is a bad thing in food and frequently don’t get enough for their lifestyle.  Much of the science of sodium is based on people who eat highly processed diets which also are very low in potassium. It could actually be the low potassium levels causing the issues that sodium has been blamed for!  What is clear is that both sodium and potassium at the proper levels are essential for high performance (and for life in general!).  That's why we partnered with LMNT to offer a free sample pack of their electrolyte mix. Head to to get yours now. The Sample Pack includes 8 packets of LMNT (2 citrus, 2 raspberry, 2 orange, and 2 raw unflavored).

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