[Achieving AI ROI] Crawl, Walk, Run - with Raefer Gabriel of Oracle

03.16.2022 - By The AI in Business Podcast

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Today is the third episode of this five-part series being published every day this week on achieving ROI with early AI projects. We’ve heard from the Head of the AI Center of Excellence at Intel and the Head of Insure AI at Munich Re, and today, we speak with the VP of Engineering for Oracle’s Digital Assistant, Raefer Gabriel. Raefer was a previous guest on the show, and he’s also worked on Amazon, including their Alexa platform, and had a startup before then. In this episode, we speak from his perspective on how we can achieve that early AI ROI. He also details how you can diagnose the data assets required to meet a specific goal to determine if your data would be a good fit and start with more modest projects on the crawl, walk, run scale. Be sure to tune in to the rest of the series to gain valuable insights and advice from enterprise leaders on achieving ROI with early AI projects.

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