ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope - JoAnne Dahl

By JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.

What's ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope - JoAnne Dahl about?

Life’s challenges are diverse. They may be circumstantial or broad-
based. Suffering and lack of momentum are common results of life’s
ups and downs. JoAnne Dahl will help guide listeners to spend less
time with their problem and more time focusing on ‘values’ based action as in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Opinion leaders from a
variety of modalities will join JoAnne for candid discussions focusing
on general principles for living as well as specific solutions for
difficult problems.

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ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope – ...


Welcome to ACT taking hurt to hope. Today, in our final program we are going to continue to talk about prosocial behavior. Remember that Prosocial behaviors are those intended to help other people. Prosocial behavior is characterized by a concern ...

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