12.19.2020 - By House of Mystery Radio/Inside Writing

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 Rainbow Reader White: “Educating Hayden” The “Rainbow Reader series” has concluded as a specific timeline. I hope you have enjoyed reading Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. This short read series was developed as a prequel to the “Moments in Time” series. There is an additional publicly unpublished Rainbow Reader titled “Pink: The Secret Manuscript,” which Amazon deemed unworthy for print because of its underage sexual self-discovery and evolution of an adventurous young boy, Georgie, and is the prequel to “Red: Awakenings.” If you are interested in reading “Pink: The Secret Manuscript,” it is available for purchase on Paperback only. “Pink: The Secret Manuscript” is priced as a Fundraiser for the Homeless Youth Camp. The sexually seductive stories continue to develop in the Rainbow Reader series as readers continue to comment with questions about characters. This series is no longer specifically about Georgie, nor his particular moments in time. Here is where we begin to spin the story to discover other characters’ lives as they’ve developed along the “Moments In Time” series. Now it’s time to tell the story about their moments in time. The Rainbow Reader “White: Educating Hayden” is about two young boys Hayden and Ian. Hayden is a big bad bully, and something has to be done about his rampant accosting and abuse of younger, defenseless innocent boys at his school. Ian was Warren’s first love. Mark was Warren’s second love, and Georgie was the man Warren married for better or for worse. But what ever happened to Ian after that magical summer Warren and Ian discovered each other at the beginning of “Moments in Time: Innocence?” It’s time to find out for yourself. Ian has a secret. Sure, everyone at school knows he is gay, but there is something else his classmates do not know about him. Ian’s parents barely accept his sexuality as perhaps it is something he will grow out of. Ian has not acted on his sexual urges since his summer of sultry sexual self-discovery with Warren the previous summer. Hayden doesn’t have a secret. Hayden is just an abusive, obnoxious bully that needs to be knocked backed down into reality, or submission. But who has the strength and courage at this school to make that happen? If someone hasn’t stepped up and taken that challenge by now, nobody ever will. Yet the teachers and administration make no effort to intervene, Hayden’s dad did build the school library after all. Settle down, bundle up, and enjoy this tasty short read, but beware of the reality of this fictional sexual adventure. There is truth behind every lie. Fiction is a lie, but there is truth behind every lie. Georgie’s 30 year journey spans the entire Rainbow Reader series and can be read in any order. However, for readers interested in following the timeline in complete continuity, the proper reading order for the series begins with the unpublished, “Pink: The Secret Manuscript,” and continues directly into “Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.” The timeline continues quite chronologically into the three “Moments in Time” novels. Following the three “Moments in Time” novels, the story and timeline then continues to spin off different characters’ timelines in order to give the reader an all-encompassing, comprehensive and truly relative reading experience about the characters’ lives as they all develop individually. The Rainbow Reader series begins again after the three novels with “White: Educating Hayden,” “Gray: Surrender,” “Black: Secrets,” “Brown: Reconnect,” and the final Rainbow Reader, “Silver & Gold: True Love’s Kiss.” There’s no better fiction than the truth.
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