#432: Adapting to a Changing Industrial Real Estate Market

05.09.2022 - By Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

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Jeremy Mercer is an industrial real estate expert and founder of Matador Capital.  Matador Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on industrial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, flex space, service-based industry sectors, lending on commercial real estate assets, and land acquisition with an intermixing of multi-family and retail property sectors throughout greater TX.  Quote:   “I always say that you must be present to win. Finding the right timing happens if you show up all the time.” Highlights:   04:55: How industrial real estate has shifted over the last 15 years  06:30: Using private equity to build your portfolio 07:35: Where Jeremy is finding deals in today’s market 11:00: Why low coverage outdoor storage properties are great leasing opportunities 16:55: The difference between purchasing existing properties vs. new development 19:15: Abundance vs. scarcity mindset when working with your peers  22:50: Why building owners are more educated about their offers now and how to work with that 26:45: Mitigating inflationary risk in industrial real estate without falling too far behind Guest Website: https://www.matador-capital.com/ Recommended Resources: Check out our company and our investment opportunity by visiting www.SunriseCapitalInvestors.com Self Directed IRA Investment Opportunity – Click Here To Learn More About How You Can Invest With Us Through Your SDIRA Accredited Investors: Click Here to learn more about partnering with me and my team on Mobile Home Park deals! Grab a free copy of my latest book “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and how to avoid them MobileHomeParkAcademy.com Schedule your free 30 minute "no obligation" call directly with Kevin by clicking this link: https://www.timetrade.com/book/KV2D2

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